0.1-0.35 % of pregnant women develop kidney stones . Now, to a large extent due to urinary tract infection , pyelonephritis , small stones women - the formation and metabolic disorders . Pregnancy is often a time of pyelonephritis and kidney stones .

Clinical manifestations . The most common symptoms of kidney stones and renal colic . Low back pain along the ureter to the groin intense , localized , radiation , thighs , and labia . Usually , pain, nausea, vomiting , bloating , stool delay and natural gas, dysuric , Pasternatskogo phenomenon accompanied by positive signs . Colic Attack detection in urine microscopic or gross hematuria . Pregnancy recurring infection, stones , kidney stones complicated pyelonephritis , fever , chills, pyuria accompanied by symptoms and blood inflammatory changes cephalexin online .

Diagnosis . Diagnosis of urinary calculi during pregnancy , pain , clinical manifestations , urinalysis , renal ultrasound based on historical episodes . Cystochromoscopy using a wide range of full or partial urinary tract obstruction and renal excretion of the review reveals . After Cystochromoscopy ureteral catheterization to determine the location of production and the level of calculus . Catheter above the renal colic is usually docked with the Stone attack .

Treatment. Spend conservative treatment during pregnancy . That is compatible with a wide range of renal colic analgesic , antispasmodic agents , and perirenal blockade is used .

Urinary tract stones, urinary prescription antibiotic treatment pyelonephritis through binding emission reduction combined.
Urinary tract stones, renal colic , obstructive anuria , acute pyelonephritis in pregnancy , pelvic intubation when surgical treatment is carried out in case of an attack, you can not restore the flow of urine for a long nekupiruyuschegosya . Production capacity of surgery : lithotomy nefropielostomiyu renal pelvis and ureter , at any stage of pregnancy . Time to recovery of renal function in pregnancy . In these cases, combination therapy effects and renal failure, interruption of pregnancy did not develop Fig .